First National’s new CEO talks 2022 priorities

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“We’re making sure we’ve got the people we need, and as always are investing in technology and finding ways to be more efficient. The short answer is, we want to make sure we are where we need to be from a service level perspective, and I think that if you’re doing that, everything else will follow.”

Mortgage brokers can also expect to play a crucial role in First National’s future success, with Ellis saying that he viewed the profession as an increasingly influential one in the Canadian mortgage market.

That rings particularly true, he said, with many Canadians realizing the potential of lenders outside the country’s major banks to meet their mortgage needs – a trend that’s set to continue.

“Here in Canada, we have a national system of six major banks that still tend to dominate the space, but as the next generation of homebuyers comes through, I think they’re increasingly savvy,” he said.

“They’re online and looking for information, and I think that mortgage brokers are going to benefit from that. The old ways of thinking are starting to change, so I think that there’s a lot of growth [potential] for the mortgage broker. We’ll keep working as closely with brokers for our mutual success as long as we can.”


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