Finished Basements Increase Property Value


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Are you looking for a home improvement to increase your property value? There are lots of options to bring your home value up. While repainting may be an easy upgrade, there are better home improvements that will last. For those that have an unfinished basement, you are in luck. Not only will finishing your downstairs increase your property value, but it will higher you everyday living situation. Let me explain…

Although a basement is a great characteristic for every home as it provides a safe shelter in case of emergency, a finished basement can do more than give your family security during a storm. Here are some reasons why homeowners choose to upgrade their underground home.

The most apparent reason to finish your basement is to increase your living square footage. While you may be able to use your unfinished space as an adequate storage unit, imagine if you could also use it as another living room, game room, office, or simply a place to get away from the noise consuming the rest of the house. Parents especially enjoy enjoy the benefits a finished basement brings as the kids play downstairs or the birthday sleepover parties don’t wake up the whole house. A parent is more likely to purchase a home with a finished basement over one that is not.

Secondly, they provide another source of income to homeowners. You can have a complete apartment downstairs and open it up to renters looking for a new home. Now not only are you improving your home value, but your investment is now paid off and making you a pretty penny.

If you choose to invest in finishing your basement, however, do not just hire anyone to do the job. This is a big project and should be left to the professionals. The last thing you want is messed up pipes or molding walls. It may even be smart to finish one room at a time, and complete the project as a piece by piece approach. That way you know you are getting exactly what you want out of your newly finished home. After all, what is the point in making an investment you are not fully happy with?

If you are looking to increase the value of your real estate, finishing off your basement is a great investment to look into. It is a sure way to attract home buyers and renters alike.


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