Finance & Investment with Melanie Ducholke of Camgill Group

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Chair of the Edmonton Real Estate Forum, Melanie Ducholke, is our guest in this episode. She is the CFO of Camgill Development Corporation, a real estate company which is based in Edmonton but also has a presence in Ireland.

Melanie talks about how being chair on the forum has been going up until the point of recording this episode, and later reveals why she was hesitant to be a part of it at first. We’ll also get her insight on interest rates and what she thinks we’re in for during the rest of the year.

Topics covered include:

  • A surprising area that Alberta is a world leader in.
  • Preparation over the past few months to get ready to lead the forum.
  • How Melanie fell in love with the finance side of real estate.
  • Tips from Melanie on taking advantage of opportunities.
  • Camgill’s diversification into Ireland.
  • Industrial rental rates in Alberta currently.
  • Continuing to move forward despite inflation and supply chain issues.
  • What Melanie predicts regarding interest rates for the rest of the year.
  • Are the interest rate increases already priced in?
  • The spread between interest rates and cap rates that Camgill is comfortable with.
  • Some differences between investing in Canada versus Ireland.
  • The Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW) network.
  • Why Melanie decided to be part of the forum.
  • Melanie’s takeaway thus far at the conference.

More about our guest….

Melanie Ducholke is the Chief Financial Officer for Camgill Development Corporation. Camgill is a privately owned, full service, global commercial real estate group based in Edmonton, Alberta that manages commercial real estate and alternative investment funds throughout Canada and Ireland. Navigating the most complex and elaborate real estate arrangements for Camgill for almost 20 years, Melanie leads and oversees capital stack initiatives, corporate deal structure, tax, strategic planning & execution, treasury, and cashflow management. As CFO of the company, she excels at collaborating with all stakeholders to come up with innovative ways to help create successful developments, while maximizing yields and minimizing risk. Melanie currently sits on the University of Alberta Advisory Board in Real Estate, Alberta School of Business – Fundraising Committee for the Centre for Cities and Communities, and is a Past President for Edmonton CREW, part of a global organization that exists to transform the commercial real estate industry by advancing women globally.

Melanie holds an Honours BComm from Laurentian University and is currently pursuing her ICD.D. 

Melanie is supported, grounded, humbled and continually inspired by her 5 amazing children and husband.

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