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In this episode of the Commercial Real Estate Podcast, hosts Aaron and Adam interview Sarah Segal, CEO of simplydbs, a company that empowers CRE decision-makers with resident and user data. The company is a trusted third-party feedback platform for commercial real estate. 

Join us as Sarah explains how their products, such as “Shape Your Space,” improve property operations and amenities through resident feedback. She also highlights the positive impact of customer feedback on improving satisfaction and discusses the importance of educating residents about new technology like Wi-Fi thermostats. Overall, the conversation delves into innovative solutions and the value of data analysis in the real estate industry.

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction and Background of Sarah
  • simplydbs’s Data Collection and Insights
  • simplydbs’s  product portfolio for CRE developers
  • Value and Benefits of simplydbs Products
  • Implementation for Developers
  • Implementation for Small Property Owners
  • Impact of Customer Feedback on Customer Satisfaction
  • Educating Residents on Technology
  • Sarah’s Perspective on Creating Value in Real Estate

More about our guest…

With over 20 years of experience in the Canadian and Global CRE markets, Sarah has successfully created an extensive network within all industry sectors. She has a strong background in sourcing, executing, and closing complex international and domestic real estate transactions and a history of creating new revenue streams and divisions within organizations. 

Sarah’s transactional industry experience includes client and deal origination, brokerage, property, debt, and equity sourcing. She is adept at setting up teams and oversight, client relationship management, property/portfolio strategy analysis, consulting, asset underwriting, financial analysis, and due diligence. Her organizational expansion experience includes creating new revenue divisions, developing and revising sales strategy, and creating new or shifting existing assets to scale. 

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