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It used to be that the sign of a growing family was a detached house in the suburbs, where children can run in the backyard and go on adventures with neighbourhood kids. However, family-focused condos are giving many parents another option for a home that meets their needs.

Large cities around the world have been building residences that are suitable for families, and Canada is beginning to follow. Modern condo buildings are larger and packed with amenities, perfect for the families that are now calling them “home.” As the children grow, urban centres offer endless opportunities for work and school, convenience and entertainment right outside your door. And once the kits move out, there’s no need to downsize because the condo is already a good size.

Gone are the days of condos only being for single professionals or empty nesters. The right condo building can be the perfect family-friendly home.

Larger Living Areas and More Bedrooms 

As more condos are being built for families, they have had to evolve to accommodate more people. The two significant outcomes are larger spaces and more bedrooms. Older condos are more compact and often have only one bedroom, perhaps a second bedroom or den. Today’s condos embrace the openness of modern floor plans and have living areas that are more spacious than their predecessors.

While it used to be that you could only find condos with one or two bedrooms, it is not uncommon now to find condos with three and even four bedrooms. They are more expensive but still less expensive overall than buying a detached home with the same number of bedrooms.

Families need more space elsewhere in the condo. They tend to cook more, so family-focused condo units often have bigger kitchens, more appliances, larger refrigerators, and more oversized pantries. They often include a dining island with multipurpose use for eating, homework, and as a centre for socializing.

Shared Amenities

Thanks to shared amenities, condo living may offer social and developmental benefits that might not be seen otherwise, especially for families with one child. Shared spaces provide opportunities for children to interact with other kids, and condo developers have created smaller, interconnected spaces that can accommodate smaller groups with social distancing.

Family-focused condos offer a balance between private and shared living. While meals and private time might take place in a family’s condo unit, fitness centres, craft rooms, music rooms, theatre rooms, and game rooms provide plenty of opportunities for children to express creativity and connect with children from other families. And for children of school age, co-work and study spaces with small libraries provide a perfect space for schoolwork with a change of scenery.

One of the best ways condos are becoming more family-centric is by including childcare. Many adults choose a condo based on its proximity to their workplace, and providing childcare onsite makes it easy for them to go to and from work without worrying about dropping off and picking up children. But it isn’t only for work – children can easily be cared for while their parents are working out in the building’s fitness facility or running errands.

Outdoor Spaces

In light of previous years, a rising number of condo residences are focusing on resident wellbeing by including private outdoor spaces. Rooftop decks provide the perfect space to barbecue, host small gatherings, or sit and soak up the sun away from the noise of the street. But the green spaces are where most of the action is. They include plenty of open space for children to play and often have an outdoor pool for the warm summer days. The outdoor spaces included with a condo are more than enough to compensate for the lack of a proper backyard in the suburbs.

As city populations increase and housing prices rise, family-focused condos can provide an affordable solution to raising a family. If your condo has enough space, amenities, and opportunity to be outdoors, it can offer a great alternative to a family-friendly home in the suburbs. In the future, more condo residences will likely cater to the family lifestyle, so more options will be available to raise children in a high-rise home.

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