Jonathan Gitlin, President and CEO of RioCan, is making his third appearance speaking with Adam and Aaron. Jonathan gained the CEO title since his last episode after being the President of the company since 2019.

We get deep into RioCan’s operations, including how the company has performed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and dealt with the false “retail is dead” narrative. Jonathan also discusses why RioCan is excited about new condo builds and what is needed to aid Canada’s housing affordability crisis.

Topics covered include:

  • RioCan’s heavy weighting in major markets and if that was helpful during the pandemic.
  • Extracting value out of existing properties and why analysts sometimes don’t understand this approach.
  • The condo model that RioCan is focused on.
  • Showing, through results, that the retail market is alive and well.
  • Why building condos can offset the cost of multi-unit rentals.
  • Advantages to having a large land bank when you’ve got aggresive growth plans.
  • The operations of RioCan now versus one year ago.
  • Retail spaces as distribution centres.
  • How Jonathan ended up as CEO of RioCan after starting his career as a lawyer.
  • What RioCan looks for when selecting a partner.
  • The supply constraint that largely contributes to affordability issues.
  • An impressive CMHC policy that Jonathan wishes he saw used more.
  • What Jonathan sees as the 5-to-10-year vision for RioCan.
  • Continuing to be reactive to the needs of tenants.

More about our guest….

As President and Chief Executive Officer, Jonathan leads RioCan’s major market strategy to evolve Canada’s most adaptable portfolio and drive unitholder value. His focus is on delivering sustainable growth, supporting RioCan’s position as an industry leader in ESG practices, and fostering a results-driven corporate culture.

Since joining RioCan in 2005, Jonathan has been instrumental in reshaping the Trust’s portfolio, from managing its secondary market disposition program to launching RioCan’s residential portfolio, RioCan Living. He is a decisive and dynamic leader who works closely with the highly experienced senior management team to mobilize and empower RioCan’s expert talent. Prior to joining RioCan, Jonathan was a real estate lawyer at McCarthy Tétrault LLP. He graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School in 1998, and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of Western Ontario

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Jonathan Gitlin on the CRE Podcast in 2018: Episode.

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