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Jonathan King, Partner at Bogdan Newman Caranci Architects, joins us to discuss architecture as a key part of the development process.

Jonathan sheds light on the entire process; how a contract is awarded, working with a client through multiple iterations, and finally selling a vision to the community and municipality.

We’ll also learn about the driving forces behind a resurgence of mass timber builds, why developers aren’t looking only at high-rise and high-density projects, and the differences in condo design vs apartment design.

Topics covered:

  • Selling a vision to the client, community, and city.
  • How Jonathan got into architecture and his career thus far.
  • Working relationship between the architect and the client.
  • Feasibility studies, determining what can be built on a site.
  • How many versions of a design are done on a typical project.
  • Injecting an arts background into the design process.
  • Choosing whether to get involved with a project.
  • Resurgence of mass timber builds, and the benefits.
  • Mass timber hybrid project in Toronto.
  • Why many developers are looking at small, mid, and high-rise projects rather than only getting the most density.
  • A unique re-purposing project of a Peterborough hospital.
  • Differences in condo vs apartment building designs.
  • New trends outlook.

A bit about our guest…

With over 19 years of experience, Jonathan, a Partner at BNC, is a proven leader in managing complex projects, on budget and schedule. He has led both small and large-scale projects from initial inception through completion. He has led multifaceted design teams, engaged in multiple stakeholder engagement processes, and created effective means of communicating with the client, and the design and consultant team. Jonathan’s strengths lie in mitigating potential issues by identifying them early on in the design.


Jonathan King LinkedIn

Bogdan Newman Caranci Architects website


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