Staging your home is one of the most important parts of the home selling process and is often one of the ways in which home sellers can easily miss a sale. Staging your home requires a bit of work in order to do it successfully, but once accomplished can mean you have shown your home to a variety of interested potential buyers and are that much closer to returning on your investment.

Staging a home is essential for showing potential buyers the many possibilities your home offers them. They should be able to walk in and see themselves living in your home once they have bought it. A successful home staging experience means that people walk in and out with a vision of their futures spent in the home you are selling.

Taking yourself out of your home in order to stage it is difficult, but not impossible! There are many ways in which you can highlight the best of your home without leaving the clutter of your life around. When you are staging your home make sure to remove any evidence of ‘you’ such as family photos, refrigerator magnets, and evidence of kids or pets. Make sure you put everything away where it belongs (like clothes, shoes and linens) because the people who come to your open house will poke their noses in every nook and cranny of your home.

Another tip for staging your home is to think like a buyer- what parts of the house would you pay the most attention to? What elements of the home are good or bad? Is the furniture in the room distracting? What about the color of the walls? Walk through your home viewing it like a buyer and remove any extra furniture that might be cluttering a space as well as any other distracting elements. You want to take your home down to its simplest form while still giving potential buyers the ability to picture themselves living in this space.

Each room of your home will need to be staged differently to accent the form and function of those places. For instance, the bedroom should exude comfort and relaxation with neutral colors and minimal furniture around. Remove some of the clothes from your closet to make that space seem bigger and make sure to deep clean everything.

Bathrooms are another room that is often overlooked, but should be taken great care of. Bathrooms should be simple and chic, with a complementing color scheme and impeccable cleanliness. Notice if the bathroom fixtures need updating and don’t be afraid to spend a little but more on new towel rods, a shower curtain, cabinet knobs, etc. A few candles never hurt, either!

You should also plan to deep clean every room of the house, either yourself or hiring a professional. Steam cleaning the carpets, rugs, dusting the curtains, and making sure to scrub even the most unnoticed of places can make your home sparkle.

Staging your home is one of the most vital parts of selling it!

Source by Ernest Cortez Brown

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