So it looks as if the Canadian Electorate are fairly happy with what they have!

You don’t re-elect the incumbent Prime Minister if you are dissatisfied with your lot in life or if you feel insecure about your financial future. If the bottom has dropped out of the housing market or businesses are going to the wall you show a lack of confidence in the current Government by voting them out don’t you? Well, that’s not happened here. Stephen Harper has got back into power and has the peoples’ backing for the next term of office. What does that say to you? Wherever you are living at the moment just think about your current situation. If you are in the UK would you vote Gordon Brown back in if an election was called tomorrow? If you are in the USA and George Bush was able to run for another term, would you give him your vote? I think not on both counts.

Over here in Canada, we have no worries as such about the banks folding and losing all our money. The Canadian Banks are rated in the top four in the world (last I heard the UK had slipped way down the league!) They are closely regulated and have not been lending money ‘willy nilly’ to all and sundry without security. The housing market here is trundling along the same as usual. Houses are selling and even the construction companies are doing alright thank you very much. Where we live there are new subdivisions being built on in every town. It’s still seems to be an expanding market place. Emigrating to Canada seems a good move! Can’t say I’ve heard of anyone being laid off recently either. In fact, many of the Provinces have work and are in need of people to fill the vacancies. What’s your skill? Maybe Canada could offer you more than just a job. It could offer a whole new life with no ‘Big Brother’ watching you all the time, reasonable taxation, space and the freedom to enjoy your life.

If you are thinking of Immigrating to Canada, by all means look at the various Realtor websites, and look search for which pick-up truck, ‘Ski-Do’ machine, Quad bike or whatever you would like to buy when you have emigrated to Canada, but remember that in order to emigrate to Canada successfully, your first port of call is (a) securing a job, creating a business or investing in a Canadian business and (b) acquiring a Canadian Visa. In order to obtain a Canadian Residency Visa, you need to relate to one of the requirements in (a) and be issued with a Canadian Work Permit or be sponsored by a close relative to live in Canada. A close relative is usually a brother or sister, a parent or a child. I don’t think that cousins or uncles/aunts/nephews.nieces count as a ‘close relive’ for the purpose of acquiring a Canadian Visa under the Family Class.

Just to summarize then, a strategy to start the process of emigrating to Canada is to start looking at finding work or a Business opportunity. Once you have done this, then you can start to apply for a Visa for you and your family to live and work in Canada. See you in Canada!

Source by Clare Dugdill

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