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Monika Jaroszonek, CEO and Co-Founder of, is alongside Adam and Aaron in this episode. Monika has had a fascination with cities since a young age which translated into an early career with several architecture companies. She then went on to found her own company to help bring development forward in a data rich world. aggregates city information onto one platform and allows users to model a variety of different outcomes in a fraction of the time. Monika talks us through how this is accomplished as well as how it can help in land acquisition decisions, her company’s growth plans, and the types of customers that is most useful for.

Topics covered include:

  • Monika’s favourite part of city building and how it inspired
  • Advice that Monika received about how to run her company.
  • What does right now and what it is fundamentally building to be in the future.
  • “There are no correct answers in real estate, just an infinite number of possibilities.”
  • Answering increasingly complex questions as more data enters the system.
  • How prepopulates their platform with data.
  • Their pilot project that is ongoing with the City of Toronto.
  • What it was like to land’s first few clients.
  • The event Monika took part in that brought a lot of attention to her product.
  • What it’s been like entering the Vancouver market as compared to Toronto.
  • Competitors around the world.
  • Features that has been considering and potential customers.

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More about our guest:

Monika has always been fascinated by dynamic cities. She believes that technology can be used to build more liveable cities through increased density, affordable housing, well designed municipalities, and better access to urban information.

After 15 years in the architecture industry, Monika co-founded Ratio.City, a Proptech company that helps city builders make data driven decisions about land acquisition. Since launching in 2018, Ratio.City has become a trusted source of information for some of Canada’s largest Real Estate Developers and REITS. Monika is frequently asked to speak about the intersection of real estate and technology, and the future of city building.

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