COVID-19 and Real Estate Data Trends with Ray Wong of Altus Group

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Our guest today is Raymond Wong, Vice President of Data Operations and Data Solutions with Altus Group. He’s going to take us through the most current data that apply to the four main asset classes and how they’re fairing in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Industrial, multi-res, retail, and office have all been impacted by the pandemic, but the degree of change has been markedly different for each. Ray talks about these impacts, makes predictions for the recovery of real estate, and reveals what his data is showing will happen later in 2020.

Topics covered include:

  • Why industrial sales could restart earlier than expected.
  • Rent deferrals for industrial tenants.
  • Holding off on industrial transactions.
  • Seeing the real impact of COVID-19 in the second half of 2020.
  • Industrial cap rates remaining flat.
  • The impact of the market’s momentum heading into the pandemic.
  • Confidence in the multi-residential space.
  • Getting back to pre-COVID rent levels.
  • Airbnb properties converting to long-term rentals.
  • How preparation for a second wave might affect multi-res.
  • Retail closures impacting valuations in the market at large.
  • Turbulence in retail before the pandemic and how cap rates are reacting.
  • Adjustments to the office space needs of companies.
  • Reasons for and against the increase of office demand.
  • Resiliency thanks to institutional ownership.
  • Where Ray’s data points towards for Q3 2020.

More about our guest…

Ray is the Vice President of Data Operations for Altus Group’s Data Solutions team.   Overseeing 60+ researchers across Canada, Ray’s primary responsibility is to ensure data collection is all encompassing, reliable and accurate and that it adheres to the Altus Group data governance guidelines.  Ray works closely with both internal and external clients to ensure the information meets their needs and that it is both accurate and timely.  He also regularly presents on key market trends to clients and at industry events.

Prior to joining Altus Group, Ray was the Head of Research for CBRE Canada.  He was responsible for the collection of market intelligence and publishing marketing market reports on a regular basis. Ray interacted with both internal and external clients in respect to presenting and discussing real estate information, trends and analysis.  He initiated and introduced the CBRE Econometric Real Estate Forecasting model in Canada for office and industrial real estate.

Ray is regularly asked to comment on the real estate market in various print, radio and online news publications.


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