COVID-19 and Package Delivery Trends with Patrick Armstrong of Snaile

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In a Canadian Real Estate Forum webinar, Aaron and Adam are joined by Patrick Armstrong. Although he is not directly involved in commercial real estate, his company, Snaile, provides automated smart parcel locker solutions which can be found in office buildings, apartment buildings, and more.

ECommerce deliveries have exploded in 2020 with social distancing measures put in place since COVID-19, but even before the rapid adoption of on-line shopping, package delivery space and security was an issue.  Combining physical property level space limitations with on-site staff workload compounded the challenges facing multi-residential and commercial owners and operators. Leveraging technology and the IoT, Snaile has seen huge adoption in the space. We also hear about challenges unique to the office space and the effects that the pandemic has had on adoption of smart lockers.

Topics covered include:

  • Early adopters and their use of the technology as an amenity to increase rent.
  • The biggest, most interesting markets for Snaile.
  • Laws that protect Canada Post deliveries.
  • How Patrick became a serial entrepreneur.
  • What inspired Patrick to come up with the idea for Snaile.
  • Increases in volume that Snaile has seen during the pandemic.
  • Installing lockers in new buildings versus old buildings.
  • Getting packages picked up and preventing them from sitting for a long time.
  • Companies and spaces that avail of Snaile’s mailboxes.
  • Current activity in the office space and resistance from developers.
  • Financing models available to implement this technology.
  • What Patrick thinks package deliveries will look like in five years.

More about our guest:

An accomplished entrepreneur and business leader, Patrick Armstrong has continued delivering an impressive success portfolio across multiple industries. Since 1999, he has helped to develop and launched five companies which have all enjoyed both acclaim and distinction. His leadership as both CEO and Director of Product Development and Business Strategy directly contributed to these companies’ enduring success stories. Currently serving as the CEO of Snaile, Canada’s Parcel Locker Company, he has helped it grow to now operate automated smart parcel lockers in 24 Canadian cities providing multi-family resident, office and campus delivery management and retail buy online pickup in store (BOPIS) order fulfilment.

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