COVID-19 and Development with Adrian Rocca of Fitzrovia Real Estate

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Adrian Rocca is the CEO of Fitzrovia Real Estate and joins us today for his second CRE Podcast appearance. The world has changed since Adrian was on the show in December, so he tells us how the pandemic has affected his business and projects.

Though Adrian believes it will take years for the Canadian economy to get back to normal, he is optimistic and continues to move forward. He tells us about deals that he has closed, the types of properties his company has been looking to buy, and the positive culture that helps his team thrive.

Topics covered include:

  • How government intervention is affecting the apartment market.
  • When Adrian thinks we will get back to a “normal” economy.
  • Immigration levels and how they influence real estate.
  • Entering the assisted living space market.
  • What land acquisition looks like right now.
  • Current benefits on the financing side thanks to low interest rates.
  • Lowering expenses to increase return on investment.
  • Being diligent on worksites with coronavirus screening.
  • Adrian’s opinion on the potential second wave of COVID-19.
  • The supportive capital partners that Fitzrovia works with.
  • New hires that have been brought on during this year.

More about our guest:

Adrian Rocca has 15 years of real estate and principal investing experience with over $8 billion of transactions across Canada, the US and Europe. Previously, Adrian served as the Head of Tricon Luxury Residences Canada, Tricon Capital’s purpose-built apartment platform and Tricon Lifestyle Communities, a manufactured housing business in the US. Prior to joining Tricon, Adrian was a Director with Apollo Real Estate Advisors in London, U.K., and also worked with Credit Suisse First Boston as an investment banking associate in Toronto and London

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