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Have you dreamed of retiring to a quiet, serene place where you can enjoy and reflect on the beauty and tranquility of nature everyday, year round? Retirement in Costa Rica can make your very dreams come true. Many Americans, Canadians, and Europeans have found Costa Rica to be an ideal retirement spot for the ideal weather and lower cost of homes, land, and living, not to mention the natural beauty of the land itself.

Foreigners choose Costa Rica over other countries as their retirement spot for a variety of reasons. Costa Rica has one of the highest standards of living in Central America, yet the cost of living in Costa Rica is considerably lower than that in the U.S. or European countries, especially after they converted to the Euro. There are many who live here on their Social Security pensions alone, and the quality of life in Costa Rica is typically higher than that in the United States for the same amount of money. I know people who enjoy a very good life on only their pensions. With the economic crisis we’re facing today in the States, it’s no surprise that Costa Rica appeals to many Americans. And when they see the beauty, it becomes even more attractive. Pictures of this country are not even close to what the eye can see in a personal visit. This is a land that one must view personally. Lots of pictures will not tell the story, and only your personal visit will verify that for you.

Foreign residents, regardless of their status, will not be taxed on any income earned outside of Costa Rica. What’s more, real estate prices in Costa Rica are less than those in the States, and you can actually get a lot more for your money here. You can get a house in Costa Rica that may cost less than that in the States, and it will probably come with a beautiful view and a stunning backyard.

Costa Rica enjoys economic stability, and there are plenty of investment opportunities here. The main sources for investment are livestock, tourism, real estate, and the stock market. Small, start-up businesses may get very successful if they offer a unique product that is in demand, just as the case in the States.

Costa Rica is home to more Americans (per capita) than any other country outside of the States. With Costa Rica’s delightful, tropical climate, low violent-crime rate, and wide range of outdoor activities to enjoy year round, Americans seem to easily adopt Costa Rica as their new home. The American community in Costa Rica is really large, and you will find comfort in communicating with your fellow American expats here.

In Costa Rica, there are always warm sunshine and cool breezes to enjoy and look forward to year round. The Central Valley, specifically Grecia (where we live), is characterized by stunning, natural scenery and a year-round temperate climate with beautiful, fragrant flowers and exotic birds rarely seen anywhere else in the world.

That’s not it! Costa Rica has been a democracy since 1949 and enjoys democratic and political stability with no army or navy to subsidize. Costa Rica has an independent judicial system, has one of the highest literacy rates in the world (95%), and has one of the longest life-expectancy rates on earth (77 years). The Costa Rican people, known as Ticos, are very friendly and especially helpful, and foreigners enjoy the same legal rights as the locals.

Costa Ricans place a very high value on education. In Costa Rica, you will always find highly qualified and bilingual professionals (attorneys, doctors, and dentists) and technical personnel who have received a bilingual education and speak English, so you don’t have to worry about a language barrier with your medical issues, and they all offer their services at prices far below American standards. You will also stay connected with people across the globe as communication services – such as telephones, faxes, and Internet access – are widely and readily available.

As the night draws in, you can still enjoy a plethora of cultural and entertaining activities. You can partake in ecological tours and trips to national parks as well as beaches and volcanoes. You can savor other interesting activities like bird-watching, scuba-diving and other water sports, and horse-back riding. You can also enjoy plenty of cultural events like concerts, plays, and art exhibits, or you can choose to go to the theater in Grecia or dine at an excellent restaurant there.

Whether you choose to retire to Costa Rica to invest, have fun, or just lay back and enjoy, there are plenty of opportunities here for you to do whatever you want to do. Just keep in mind that in order to qualify for the retiree (pensionado) residency status, you must receive a minimum of $600 a month from a qualified retirement plan or a lifetime pension source outside Costa Rica. To qualify as a rentista, you must be able to show from a financial institution a monthly income of $1,000, which covers a couple. The rentista status is what we have, and it also entitles you to huge discounts at all national parks.

Relocation to Costa Rica is fairly easy. Foreigners face very few restrictions on owning a land, lots, or buying a property in Costa Rica. Towns worth checking out are Grecia and the surrounding townships in the Central Valley. Remember, Grecia has the reputation of being the cleanest town in Central America, and that is a reputation worth considering.


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