A mortgage broker will be able to give advice to an individual or family wanting to purchase a house in Canada. Another person who would give free great mortgage tips in Canada would be a mortgage agent. People who either live in Canada and want to purchase a new home or people who are planning on moving to Canada and need to buy a house have a lot to think about before they agree to the terms of a home loan.

The interest rate is probably one of the most important and often thought about situations involved with purchasing a new home. There are two types of interest rates available for a home mortgage loan, a fixed rate loan or a flexible, sometimes called adjustable, rate loan. The fixed rate loan on a home is the rate of interest that is paid back on the loan and it is at a certain amount that will never go up or down when it is fixed. This means if the international market is doing well or the exchange market or the economy all have a good year in interest rates fall, a homeowners interest rates will stay the same at whatever rate they signed up for. This also means their monthly payment will stay the same until the loan comes to a close.

A flexible interest rate loan on a home mortgage could start out very low but then rise very quickly depending on what the market does. This means any homeowners house payment will change as the interest rate changes. Creating a budget for a household will be difficult when the homeowner has a flexible or adjustable interest rate loan.

Another important item to consider when purchasing an existing or new home is whether or the homeowner wants an open or closed mortgage. Mortgage brokers would be able to explain the difference between the two to the homeowner in terms they would understand. The problem with an open mortgage is a homeowner has between six months and one year to pay back the loan without receiving penalties. This is a good choice if the homeowner is expecting a large cash sum in the near future or if they want to sell their house in a hurry.

A closed mortgage permits the homeowner more time to pay off their home loan and at a fixed rate of interest. There are mortgage broker classes which new homeowners could enroll in so that they might better comprehend opened and closed mortgages. A closed mortgage allows the homeowner to pay off the loan anywhere from six months to 10 years. There is however a penalty for early payment of the home mortgage loan, but this is usually only the value of three months of interest.

A mortgage broker course is sometimes offered to new home purchasers, this way they will be aware of what is happening to their money during a mortgage loan. These programs teach the homeowners the pathway to a good home mortgage so they will avoid paying too high of fees or penalties. A mortgage course will also help a homeowner to pick a fixed or flexible rate loan or an open or closed home loan.

A problem that many families face is whether to purchase a new home first or sell their old home first. This is something the classes can not really help them with. Some of the homeowners are moving to a bigger house while others need a smaller house because of financial reasons. This subject has experts divided as to whether a family should sell their existing home later and purchase a new one first or the other way around.

Above are some great mortgage tips in Canada for those residents who live there now or for those who are moving there from another country. Considering the many details of a home loan is important before placing a signature on the dotted line, in addition simply for peace of mind.

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