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In a Canadian Real Estate Forum webinar, Aaron and Adam are interviewing Colin Lynch today. Colin is Head of Global Real Estate Investments at TD Asset Management. He is responsible for the execution of his company’s global real estate strategy across 120 cities.

We hear about Colin’s unique background that provides him with a meaningful perspective in the real estate industry. After talking about the effects of the pandemic this year, Colin explains what it is like being in this space as a black person and the diversity he is advocating to see in the future.

Topics covered include:

  • Colin’s unconventional background that led him to real estate.
  • Leveraging diverse gender and racial talent in real estate.
  • Working abroad and then deciding to come back to Canada.
  • Differences working in Canada versus the US from a black perspective.
  • The Black Opportunity Fund and the momentum behind it.
  • Benefits of not being involved in real estate during Colin’s early career.
  • Why it is so exciting to invest in real estate now.
  • Trends that the COVID-19 pandemic have accelerated.
  • How the world has bounced back from previous pandemics.
  • Voicing dissent instead of silently going along with a decision.
  • Other countries that Colin is excited about.
  • Looking as far and wide as possible to find the best people.
  • What Colin has learned about the Indigenous experience in Canada.
  • Challenging people to find their passion.
  • Making Canada more innovative and ambitious.
  • Moving away from platitudes to improve outcomes.

More about our guest…..

Colin Lynch is the Head of Global Real Estate Investments at TD Asset Management.  Working closely with the Alternative Investments team, Colin is responsible for the execution of the TD Asset Management Global Real Estate Strategy overseeing fund design and structuring, implementation, and oversight of acquired assets for the Global Real Estate Strategy.  In this role, Colin manages investments in over 650 properties located in 120 cities worldwide.

Colin joined TD Asset Management in October 2015 working with TD Asset Management’s senior executive team on corporate strategy. He transitioned to the Alternative Investments team in July 2017 and was responsible for creating business plans related to the development of an internal Real Estate Asset Management capability for our Canadian Real Estate Strategy, and the growth of our Alternative Investments platform through the development of a global real estate product.

Colin brings a global perspective with his experience at Aimia (formerly Groupe Aeroplan), McKinsey & Company and Morgan Stanley. He has worked globally at the CEO and Board level to develop strategic plans and to design and implement growth and cost management programs for a number of large and medium-sized companies in several industries. Colin’s work in the Investment Banking Division at Morgan Stanley involved, among other duties, advising Morgan Stanley’s Real Estate Funds on investment transactions and Marc Carney (then Governor of the Bank of Canada) on Canada’s financial stability during the financial crisis.

Colin holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Arts from Queen’s University. All were received with distinction. He also holds an ARCT (honours) from the Royal Conservatory.

Colin is a member of the Board of Directors of the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, the Toronto Investment Board and Queen’s University’s Board of Trustees Investment Committee, where he oversees the university’s endowment and investment funds.  He is also a co-founder of the Black Opportunity Fund.   He was also recently Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of Toronto Community Housing Corporation where he served as Chair of its Building, Investment, Finance and Audit Committee.

Black Opportunity Fund:

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