Imagine owning an ideal piece of Mexico Land, but not just any old lot; imagine something on a beautiful beachfront. Our first reaction to this idea is usually that it sounds amazing, but who can afford that? Here’s some good news – you can afford that! Cheap Mexico Oceanfront Real Estate is available in various excellent locations in Mexico. One example of oceanfront land with beautiful beaches is in the state of Campeche, right next to Yucatan and Quintana Roo, which is home to famous real estate destinations such as Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Campeche is growing in appeal for real estate buyers, and in its number of residents for the U.S. and Canada. Campeche Real Estate also gives buyers a great opportunity to live near a very beautiful, cultural city with a rich history – but at a much cheaper price. One upcoming event which will interest real estate buyers is the Campeche Carnaval, celebrated every February.

The “Carnaval” was established in Campeche and the Yucatan peninsula in the 1500’s, and the carnivals are celebrated in the three days preceding Ash Wednesday. These holidays are characterized by an extremely festive atmosphere that includes everyone in the true Mexican spirit. Dancers wear elaborate costumes and dance every night of the Carnaval, which includes original music from Campeche. This music is called “The Guaranducha” which is also played in other traditional festivals. On nights of carnival, the dances are gala balls, except the last one, which is in costume.

The carnival starts with the burning of “Mal Humor” – Spanish for “Bad Mood” – represented by a dummy named “Juan Carnaval,” who takes the bad mood and concerns of people, making it possible to enjoy the festival freely.

The first Saturday of the Carnaval, called “Sabado del Bando,” includes a parade with floats from which streamers, confetti, candy and advertisements are thrown. Others parade on foot in costume, with humorous allusions to various current events. At night there is a luxury ball. Certain elements of the parade, such as typical banners, the “charanga timbalera,” the carnival bear, the bull are old traditions that are carried out to date, giving the festival a strong historic tradition. On Shrove Tuesday people celebrate the carnival painted with as many colors as possible.

Traditional dances are included from various aspects of Campeche’s culture, starting with the Mayan traditions. With the Spanish conquest and a general European influence, the result was Campeche’s folk dance, which is very similar to the Spanish dances. These dances show some similarity with the dances of old Seville.

The people of Campeche attend pilgrimages, both religious and non-religious, across from the church plazas. People also dance “la Vaqueria,” which is accompanied by a band called Charanga, made up of by 10-12 musicians. This is always accompanied by firecrackers and shouting. With this artistic and cultural background, the city takes advantage of of ingenuity and creativity to welcome its visitors and give the locals a place meet.

So, now imagine this; you are living in your dream home which you had built on the oceanfront. You can enjoy luxury life at a very cheap price, and on top of all that, you can enjoy the rich cultural heritage of the nearby city of Campeche, such as the annual Carnaval. But don’t imagine too much – this could be reality…

Source by Thomas Luis Lloyd

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