CFIB says red tape is worsening Canada’s supply shortage

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“We believe that cutting red tape and the permitting and approval process is a cost-efficient way to really speed up the home construction process.”

“If there are this many obstacles for a simple bathroom renovation, imagine how costly and time-consuming it is to permit a secondary suite, a complete renovation or a new build,” said Francesca Bata, research analyst at the CFIB.

The report found that Vancouver was the municipality with the highest permitting fees out of the 12 assessed. It had costs reaching more than $2,000 and had the most demanding document requirements, with up to 10 documents needed for a simple bathroom renovation.

However, the city of Vancouver released a statement that said the CFIB report did not reflect the average cost of permits that were needed for the assessed type of bathroom renovations. It said that the permits cost nearly $1,179, which assumed $5,000 in electrical work in addition to other possible costs.

It also stated that obtaining building permits take time depending on the type of project that was being made, explaining that the city had made efforts in making sure to fast-track the processing of permits for simple renovations. Permits for bathroom renovations, it added, will be able to be processed within a week’s time.

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