Canadian Apartment Investment Conference with Peter Altobelli of Yardi

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Peter Altobelli of Yardi is back for his second appearance on the podcast. He’s here with Adam and Aaron to do something that’s a little different: they’re going through the top five highlights from the 2020 Canadian Apartment Investment Conference.

Some points that come up during the countdown include why older properties may have difficulty accomodating the amentities of modern life and the importance of building for a particular tenant base. The second wave of the coronavirus in Canada and its effect on real estate is a recurring talking point too as 2021 is on the horizon.

Topics covered include:

  • #5: A shift in preferences in the multi-unit space.
  • What being home more often because of the pandemic has caused.
  • The parcel delivery process in apartment buildings.
  • #4: Technology being a tool for tenants, prospects, and operators, as well as a factor in development.
  • Changes that have happened during COVID-19.
  • Technologies that keep everyone distanced and old processes that will get phased out.
  • #3: The creative and necessary strategies discussed on affordable housing.
  • Misalignment between federal, provincial, and municipal governments.
  • What a rent subsidy could look like in Canada.
  • #2: The ability to develop, reposition, and manage based on a profile of a particular tenant.
  • Seeing a trend of redeveloping property and repositioning it.
  • Understanding the consumer and catering to them.
  • #1: The economy is in for some bumps before we see it stabilize. Going into 2021, the outlook is more grim.
  • Peter’s prediction of higher vacancy rates.
  • How CERB helped Canadians and what it not being available during the second wave means.

More about our guest….

Peter Altobelli is Vice President of Sales and General Manager for Yardi Canada Ltd. Yardi develops industry-leading property and investment management software for all real estate asset classes.

Peter has worked in the technology industry for more than 30 years, with a foundation in software development for the healthcare sector in the 1980s. His first role involved transforming existing software for an outpatient clinic scheduling system and introducing innovative PC technology for what has now become Hamilton Health Sciences.

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