Can brokers ‘Uber-ize the Canadian Mortgage experience?’

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“Personalization means that your business knows me, your systems have my data and I, as a customer, have come to expect that you are leveraging that data to personalize products, recommendations, services, information, marketing messaging for me – my entire customer experience – to speak and transact with me more intelligently, more relevantly.” said Mirza.

Just the way Amazon leverages your purchase history and awareness of products you browse, to recommend relevant products for you to consider, or how Spotify recommends new music based on its awareness of your preferences and playing history or how Google Maps can begin to recognize your home-bound trip based on your driving trends and history, similar recommendations and insights can be delivered by mortgage companies and brokers (as well as realtors and real estate lawyers), who have access to a lot of information.  Mortgage professionals know how many properties their clients own, what type of mortgages they have, what do they cost them, their incomes, assets, self-employed status and much more!

“Today’s customer demands:  Suggest to me, recommend to me, inform me, educate me, and add value to my experience,” Mirza said. 

By leveraging all this data smarter with increasingly affordable digital technology, companies can tailor their communication to their clients, making their message more relevant and improving the customer experience by enhancing the buying journey with timely recommendations and suggestions that resonate, a concept already prevalent in the optimization personalized content from Amazon to Uber, from Google to Instagram feeds.  

“If a mortgage professional sends me a ‘context-aware’ email newsletter that mentions my self-employed status or refers to a mortgage product I currently have, I would instantly click on that email – ahead of the 50 other generic emails in my inbox from brokers – because this professional is leveraging technology and communicating smarter with more relevance and personalization,” he said.

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