C+: Employers given ‘less favourable’ score on LGBTQ+ inclusion efforts

“In addition, while survey respondents from every other generation gave their employer a grade of B for LGBTQ+ inclusion efforts, the average grade given by Gen Z participants was less favourable, a C+,” the report read.

Ratings indicate intent to stay

Among those who rated their workplace experiences poorly, only 38% said they are likely to stay in the organisation for the next year.

On the other hand, those who gave high ratings to their employers are 2.6x more likely to stay with their employer for another year, according to the report.

The findings indicate that overall sentiments on inclusion efforts signal employees’ intent to stay, and employers who don’t work on them would risk losing the appeal to the younger workforce.

“Company leaders should remain steadfast in their commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion, cultivate an environment where people feel comfortable to be themselves and offer the right resources so employees can thrive,” said Mitch Berlin, EY Americas Vice Chair – Strategy and Transactions and Americas Executive Sponsor of Unity, the EY LGBTQ+ Business Resource Group, in a statement.

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