Businessnap Standard Listing


We offer three (2) listing packages, Free Basic |  Standard |  Premium.

For a limited time, you are allowed to post a listing for free. Your listing will have a life span of one hundred and twenty days (120). After that, it will expire.
We do not optimize or edit free listings. Whatever you or your agent post will be your default listing.

If you would like us to optimize your listing, you will have to upgrade to our Standard, or Advance.packages.

We have the knowledge and tools to track and optimize your listing on the web. Unfortunately, because of our server expenses, we cannot do that work for free. If you want us to do that type of work for you, please consider one of our paid packages.

About A Free Listing

  • You are allowed to post a free business listing or citation.
  • Free listings will expire after (120) days.
  • You are allowed one image.
  • You can only select one category