BusinessNap $5.00 Standard Listing Price


We offer three (3) listing packages, Free Basic |  Standard |  Premium.

Our price for our standard listing is just $5.00. Like any business, we have overhead costs. This small fee will help us maintain our service.

About Our Standard Listing

Unlike our free listings that will expire after one hundred and twenty (120) days, our standard listings will never expire. Below are some of the benefits of our standard listing.

  • Google My Business Review
  • Indexing
  • Social Media Backlinks
  • Rank Tracking.
  • Title optimization
  • Description tweaking
  • Image Ranking
  • Category research
  • Listing tags research
  • Social Media postings
  • Unlimited revisions

Let’s discuss the benefits of a standard listing, but first, some background.

When you outsource the job of posting your listing, what we see in ninety percent of most listings is that they are incomplete. The company hired to post your listing will subcontract the job to someone from an online marketplace which provides freelance services.
Other SEO agencies will automate the listing process using sophisticated software or bots. At BusinessNap, we don’t have any issues with technology or freelance services. The only concern is the quality of work some of them provide. We see some services posting listings with no company description. We consider those listings useless because they do not offer any value to our users.

If you want to take your listing to the next level, you should consider letting us optimize your listing for a small fee.
At BusinessNap, we can clean up and optimize your listing. With over twelve years of search visibility experience, we can guarantee that your listing will show up in search.
We have all the knowledge and the tracking tools to optimize your listing on the web. Unfortunately, we cannot do that work for free. If you want us to do that type of work for you, please consider one of our paid packages.

Let us talk about the meat and potatoes of our standard listing package. As soon as you publish your listing, we jump into action.


The optimization work we do is organic. It may take anywhere from thirty to ninety days to see results. Your listing will have the ability to show up in search, just like any of the primary listing services like Yelp and others.

We track all standard listing with our rank tracking tools to see when it enters Google’s Top 50. If we notice that after ninety days your listing is struggling, we will go back to your listing and make whatever edits we feel is necessary to help it show up in a Google search for your key phrase.

Once your listing enters the Google Top 50 for your key phrase, we will notify you so you can see for yourself the work we do works.


First is your title. The title is one of the most important parts of your listing. A title should describe your listing. It’s also one of the first things search engines analyze when deciding how to rank your page.

The first two lines of text in your listing is critical. By default, search engines will use the first two lines of writing as a snippet to display publicly in search.

Before we choose a title for your listing, we will need to examine all of your competitor’s business listing titles on the web. This examination will help us determine a suitable phrase for your listing title that will help you rank in search.


The description area is where you should take the opportunity to shine. We will look at what information you submitted, and if we see your content is thin, we will visit your website to learn more about your business and add to your description.

We will make sure that your description accurately describes your business and what you do. Your description should also include your (NAP) Name address and phone number. We will also reference your (GMB) Google my business page to ensure that the information is accurate and consistent across the web.


Your image matters, image search is about helping users to find great content behind the image. it’s not about the pixels or pretty picture, it’s about the page behind the image.
BusinessNap-google-imagesWe will optimize your images so it will be able to rank in a Google image search. Images are one of the most overlooked elements in a business listing.

In addition to ranking your listing in Google, a properly optimized image can drive traffic to your website. It’s not uncommon to see your business Image ranking in search. Images from your listing have the ability to rank on Google images, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube, just to mention a few.


We optermize paid listings for local search.

All paid listings are optimized to show up and compete with your competitors in your local area. We will also build some backlinks to help your listing compete in search.
Choosing the ideal category for your listing takes a bit of investigation. You may think if you’re car rental business is in Toronto, Canada, your listing should go under cars. Well, that’s ok for a free listing.

If you’re paying for us to optimize your listing, we will take the time to research your perfect category.
We will fire up our SEO search tracking tool to see what’s the competition is in your area. We will look at things like search volume, the ability for your listing to compete in a particular category. For example, depending on the search volume, your category could end up being “Car Rental Toronto, Canada.”


Tags are like categories and will help sort your listing and help you get noticed in search. Tags are intended to support your category. After a bit of research, we will choose seven ideal tags for your listing.


Making your listing page appear on search engine search results is called indexing. You can post five hundred listings around the web, but if they don’t get indexed by Google, you have just wasted your time and money. All our paid listings are individually submitted to Google via our webmaster tool affiliation with Google. Within seven days, your listing will be crawled and indexed.


In an effort to give you more exposure, we will add every paid listing to all of our social media channels. Our social channels include Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and our Google My Business blog, just to mention a few. Social channels like Instagram and Pinterest will display your business images in search. Plus you will benefit from the link juice they produce.

Google My Business Review

How Important Are Online Reviews?
You have been in business for how long, and how many positive reviews do you have?
Positive reviews inspire trust and engagement. You would be foolish to overlook reviews. They are not only a localized SEO ranking signal, but they increase click-through rates.

Online reviews have mostly taken the place of old school word-of-mouth referrals. After all, it may be easy to ask your neighbor who plows his laneway, but harder to find someone you know who has ordered a wedding dress from a big box authority website in the past year. With the web, potential buyers can seek out online reviews of products and services offered by various companies all around the world. So it’s easy to see why positive reviews are like gold, while negative ones can be toxic and damaging.