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On this episode of the Commercial Real Estate Podcast, hosts Adam Powadiuk and Aaron Cameron speak with Sherry Larjani, President at Spotlight Development.

Topics covered include:

  • The affordable housing crisis
  • Spotlight Development’s 10,000 units project of affordable housing nationwide
  • How to make affordable housing a reality
  • Development delays and economic pressures in the housing industry
  • Strategies to address the housing crisis
  • Reina: Canada’s first all-female development project

More about our guest…

Sherry is a seasoned real estate developer and entrepreneur, well-known for her skill in constructing beautifully designed spaces that embody her creative visions. Her commitment to fostering gender equality in the field led to a groundbreaking partnership with Urban Capital in 2019 to launch Reina, a project distinguished by Canada’s first all-female development team. Over the years, Sherry has successfully completed a wide array of projects, collaborating with top developers like Liberty Development, Urban Capital, and CentreCourt, among others.

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