Blockchain in Real Estate with Abhishek Sinha of Ernst & Young

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Blockchain is on the verge of disrupting every aspect of real estate. Most people are familiar with blockchain through the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, but the technology has applications that will impact and revolutionize countless processes in our industry. Understanding blockchain will open your mind to a world of possibilities and the new reality we’re about to enter. 

Abhishek Sinha, Partner, IT Advisory Services with Ernst & Young, joins us to explain blockchain technology, how it will change the real estate industry, and why we should be paying attention.

Topics covered include:

  • Origin of blockchain technology and Bitcoin
  • Which industries are currently most interested in blockchain. 
  • Tokenization of assets and how it could change the way we buy and sell real estate.
  • Challenges to full-scale blockchain adoption across multiple platforms.
  • How “smart contracts” will interact with lenders, lawyers, insurance companies, municipalities, contractors, etc.
  • The role that regulation will play in the adoption and acceptance of blockchain.
  • Timeframe for adoption and which companies are already looking at and implementing blockchain.

A bit about our guest….

Abhishek Sinha is a Partner/Principal in the Advisory Services practice of Ernst & Young LLP.

Abhishek focuses on the transformative impact technology has on business models. He also leads the Blockchain practice for EY Canada, working with clients as they understand the fundamental impact blockchain has to their operating & business models.

He works with clients to strategize and operationalize major transformative initiatives within Core Banking Operations, Retail & Commercial Banking, Finance & Treasury and Payments. Abhishek’s current focus includes Digital Adoption, Innovation, Open Banking, Open APIs, Enterprise Architecture, Data Management, Analytics and IT Strategy.

Abhishek has significant international experience with top-tier consulting firms and within industry. He has played significant roles in setting up de-novo banks in different jurisdictions and has held various management positions in established global banks.


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