Axiom Innovations VP on the crucial role of reliable data

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Extra reliability also has significant benefits in the customer-facing side of the equation.

“It’s going to make the life of the client easier because they’re not going to have to scrape and claw and grab all this information,” Schultz said. “You’re going to get the most accurate version of the truth from one single source.”

The greater efficiency afforded by reliable data would be further enhanced by artificial intelligence platforms, such as Axiom’s Scarlett Genius.

“What a lot of people are not aware of is that there’s a lot of AI being made available that is mortgage-industry specific,” Schultz said. “These are often tools that are going to provide recommendations on best fit for lender products for a specific client.” 

In particular, Scarlett uses AI and machine learning in its analysis of applicant files, and compares it with an extensive lender and product database to determine the best solution for the situation.

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