Apartment Tenant Survey Key Findings with Amy Erixon of Avison Young

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Amy Erixon is welcomed for a second time on today’s episode. She is the Managing Director of Investments with Avison Young in Toronto. Each year, Amy administers the Canadian Multi-Res Tenant Rental Survey and presents it at the Toronto Real Estate Forum. She has recently gotten the results of the 2018 survey which she is here to share with us.

The survey reveals the preferences of tenants in large cities and small towns in Canada. She provides insight into key topics such as what amenities tenants are willing to pay more for and how satisfied they are with their landlord.

Topics covered include:

  • The number one feature that people said they wanted in the first year of the survey.
  • Rental features that tenants are willing to pay more for.
  • The growing participation in the survey from tenants in smaller communities.
  • The methodology of collecting information from surveys.
  • Statistics uncovered about car ownership.
  • Correlation between decision making and actual use.
  • Technology choices that allow tenants to protect their privacy.
  • Wanting an additional bedroom without necessarily wanting a bigger apartment.
  • Building apartments that share common living areas.
  • The overall satisfactions of tenants with their landlords.
  • The most popular amenities that renters want in-suite and in-building.
  • Adding questions about cannabis to the survey.

A bit about our guest…

Amy Erixon founded and heads Avison Young’s Global Investment Management practice which is active across all major and select specialty property types in Canada, the US, Mexico, Germany and UK on behalf of major institutional investors.

Prior to joining Avison, she was CEO of IGRI, a full service development and investment firm that built the first LEED certified projects across Canada in the mid 2000s. With more than 30 years of industry experience she has acquired, developed, and repositioned portfolios valued in excess of $9 billion, and completed large scale rezoning and development projects in numerous North American cities.

Amy is a member of Avison’s Executive Committee, and leads its Investment Committee. She is a founding member of both the Sustainability and Fund Governance committees of REALpac, and participates in its CEO council. She serves on the Ontario Board of the Nature Conservancy of Canada, and is a past board member of several publicly traded Canadian REITs. She is an active member of the ULI Responsible Property Investing Council, the Carbon Impact Initiative, and serves on MIT’s Educational Council. A recognized industry leader in real estate technology, greening strategies and smart cities she has advised public agencies, pensions and federal, state and local governments on issues ranging from affordable housing to ecological urbanism. With a B.S. and M.C.P. in City Planning and Real Estate Development from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, she is an active speaker, blogger and publisher of topical reports.


Video of Amy Erixon presenting the Tenant Survey Results at the Canadian Apartment Investment Conference on September 5, 2018: Link.

Amy’s previous appearance on the CRE Podcast. Technology Disruptors in Real Estate

Amy’s LinkedIn

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