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Aaron and Adam are here alongside Mark Rothschild in today’s podcast. Mark is an Analyst at Canaccord Genuity with a focus on real estate and REITs, and has an impressive track record with the stocks he covers.

Marks talks about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on REITs and what he believes the recovery from all the shutdowns will look like. He provides insight on how he assesses REITs and gives tips on what potential investors should look for when evaluating a REIT.

Topics covered include:

  • Key metrics that Mark uses to compare REITs.
  • Factors that go into the decision to invest in a REIT.
  • Indicators of strong rent rolls that will last.
  • Differences between Canadian and American REITs.
  • Acknowledging the intangible elements of REIT valuations.
  • Short-term factors that can affect the trading of REITs.
  • Being consistent when comparing different REITs.
  • The value of a strong management team.
  • Why Mark disagrees with his peers on the outlook of a certain asset class.
  • Reasons why investors are not looking to take on much risk because of the pandemic.
  • How investors view the value of a development pipeline.
  • REITs that are buying back stock at a discount.
  • Evaluating a REIT’s debt structure.
  • Mark’s prediction for bouncing back from the pandemic.
  • What to look at when judging a REIT.

More about our guest…

Mark Rothschild is an analyst covering the real estate sector at Canaccord Genuity. Previously, Mark served in the same capacity at Genuity Capital Markets. His prior experience includes being part of the real estate and lodging investment banking team at Salomon Smith Barney and performing credit analysis on U.S. REITs at Moody’s Investors Service in New York. Mark has previously been ranked as a top earnings estimator for real estate in the Thomson Reuters StarMine survey, and according to TipRanks, in 2019 was the number two overall stock picker in Canada. He has an MBA from the University of Baltimore.

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