Analyzing Nuances in Investment with Rosemary Feenan of QuadReal

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Our guest on this episode at the Toronto Real Estate Forum is Rosemary Feenan. She is the Executive Vice President, Global Head of Research at QuadReal Property Group. Just before joining us, she held a panel at the conference about the vibrancy of downtowns.

Rosemary continues the topics discussed at her panel, including how the pandemic has altered the vibrancy of cities around the world. We also hear her take on the most livable cities in Canada and the affordability crisis.

Topics covered include:

  • Rosemary’s education in urban planning and how it led her to become involved with research.
  • The improvement of data provided by cities.
  • Analyzing nuances to determine the best investment options.
  • Demographic metrics that are influencing Canada’s current and future real estate.
  • The cancelled urban development project proposed by Sidewalk Labs in Toronto.
  • Pandemic behaviours and how they are continuing in some cities more strongly than others.
  • What research shows about work from home.
  • Why commutes can be a good thing for work/life balance.
  • How e-commerce has changed the geography of cities.
  • Building real estate based on the choices people are making.
  • The three Canadian cities recognized internationally for their livability.
  • Going back to basics to understand how cities work for people.

More about our guest…..

Rosemary Feenan joined QuadReal as Executive Vice President, Research in May 2018. Her focus is on strategic research and analysis in support of QuadReal’s international investment objectives. She was formerly Director of Global Research Programmes at JLL, concentrating on urbanisation, changes in city competitiveness and the impact of technological advances on real estate. She previously held a Board position at Chesterton International and a senior position at CACI Limited. In her early career she worked as a town planner and as a retail analyst. A frequent speaker at international conferences, Rosemary is also a Trustee of the Urban Land Institute and a Fellow of the Society of Property Researchers. She has also served on a number of international advisory councils including the World Economic Forum’s ‘Future of Cities and Urbanisation’ Council.

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