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In today’s special episode, Aaron and Adam are hosting a physically distant AMA (ask me anything) with Jim Costello. Jim is the Senior Vice President of Real Capital Analytics. Additionally, several guests are here to participate in this AMA to ask a variety of questions related to COVID-19:

  • Steven Gross – Director of Asset Management, Tricon Capital
  • Amy Erixon – Principal Managing Director, Investments, Avison Young
  • Jaysen Smalley – Executive Vice President, National Investment Team, CBRE
  • Brad Olsen – President and CEO, Atlantic Partners

Topics covered include:

  • What does the economic recovery look like in Canada?
  • Is Canada more vulnerable because of the collapse in oil prices?
  • What have capital flows into China looked like since the pandemic hit?
  • Is it too early to tell if China’s market is indicative of what will happen in Canada?
  • Are land deals likely to be completed right now?
  • How might the stimulus affect the economic recovery?
  • Has there been a shift in investment capital staying home versus going abroad?
  • Is this crisis causing investors to see markets through a different lens?
  • Where might capital move on an opportunistic basis?
  • How could limits on immigration affect investment?
  • Will COVID-19 cause us to trend away from urbanization?
  • Is this a big consolidation moment for retail and hotels?
  • Is this the stimulus that e-commerce needed?
  • Are warehouses becoming more in-demand globally?
  • What will offices look like as companies try to do more with less?
  • Is there a risk of impact due to lost revenue in big cities in the US?

For more commercial real estate content, visit the First National Commercial Resource Centre.

More about our guest:

Jim Costello is an economist who analyzes the commercial property markets. Jim communicates stories on market performance to clients of Real Capital Analytics by way of writing and presentations.

Jim has worked in the commercial real estate space on issues of urban economics since 1990, including a 20-year stint with CBRE’s Torto Wheaton Research team. Jim expanded the reach of the Torto Wheaton Research team developing forecasts of global market fundamentals. He also developed approaches to answer investor questions on asset values and relative investment opportunities. Jim provided advice to the Treasury Department and other policy makers in the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis and helped educate these professionals on commercial real estate performance.

Jim is a member of the Counselors of Real Estate. He is also a member of the Commercial Board of Governors of the Mortgage Bankers Association.

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