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In this episode of the Commercial Real Estate Podcast, hosts Aaron and Adam interview Anne McMullin, President and CEO of the Urban Development Institute (UDI), a non-partisan and non-profit association for real estate advocacy to pave the way for tomorrow’s cities.

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction and Background of Anne McMullin
  • Purpose and Mission of UDI 
  • Importance of Increasing Housing Supply in BC
  • Recent Legislation and Progress
  • Impact of Housing Crisis on Industrial and Commercial Real Estate
  • Excitement about Upcoming Legislation and Collaboration

More about our guest…

“The most important thing for a Board is to look for people who have integrity, intelligence, experience, and a diversity of views.” Anne McMullin

Anne has more than 20 years of professional experience in communications, government relations, and public engagement. She is the President and CEO of the Urban Development Institute (UDI), an association of the real estate and building industry that creates communities, supports thousands of B.C. jobs and drives billions of dollars in economic activity. 

Over her 20-year career, Anne has worked as the President and General Manager of the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, as a Director of Communications at what is now Port of Vancouver, and as the President of the BC Salmon Farmers’ Association. She was also a Reporter at 107.1 Mountain FM in Squamish and what is now Global TV in Vancouver.

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