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Today we’re at the Toronto Real Estate Forum and joined by Jon Love for his second podcast appearance. He is the Founder and CEO of KingSett Capital, which is a private equity real estate investment firm.

Jon provides his opinion on why it’s best for employees to go back to the office, along with his thoughts on other industry changes that were fueled by the pandemic. He also talks about KingSett’s ongoing efforts to make their buildings greener and why he’s so passionate about doing so.

Topics covered include:

  • Why Jon is so outspoken about his preference for the return to the office versus work from home.
  • The remarkable destruction of value in retail assets since the pandemic.
  • Reasons why the office footprint won’t change, but utilization will.
  • Three factors caused by the pandemic that are influencing the market today.
  • Why KingSett has paused some of their projects.
  • Which sector Jon sees the most opportunity in right now.
  • Non-core locations in the GTA that are currently getting repurposed.
  • The importance of amenities across all asset classes.
  • Hitting net zero carbon goals in older buildings.
  • Aligning values and efforts with what customers want.
  • Jon’s career as a retail stockbroker after graduating university.
  • Why the real estate industry often describes things in ways that its customers don’t understand.
  • Why Jon feels that his job is trying to make people successful.

Rob Kumer’s episode:

More about our guest…

Jon Love is the Founder and CEO of KingSett Capital, a Canadian private equity real estate investment business which creates and co-invests in real estate investment solutions to deliver sustainable premium risk weighted returns. Founded in 2002, KingSett has raised $15.4B of equity for its Growth, Income, Urban, Mortgage, Residential Development and Affordable Housing strategies. KingSett has $17B of assets under management in a portfolio of $20B. Jon is a member of the Order of Canada and the Business Council of Canada.

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