‘A natural fit’: nesto, M3 executives talk strategic alliance

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“We’ve been eyeing the broker channel for a long time. It was part of our initial discussions when we started the company,” he said. “For us, it was a matter of timing with regards to our resources. Being a startup, we need to make sure that when we decide to do something, we do it exceptionally well.

“With mortgage brokers, you only really have one chance to build that relationship and then turn it into a fruitful one – and we needed to make sure that our ducks were in a row, our resources were available, to make sure that tailoring our consumer-facing tech and process could successfully be transitioned to face the mortgage broker to help them serve their customer better.”

That led to discussions with M3 and its vice president, lender relations and lending solutions Éric Chamelot (pictured, top right), who was immediately clear about the potential a partnership could offer.

“We enjoyed, right out of the gate, two things with the team at nesto,” Chamelot told CMP. “One was the dynamic nature of the team and what they’re hoping to accomplish. That connects well with M3 and the folks that we have who are also very ambitious for our organization and for all our networks and brokers.

“When we recognize that in a partner, it always gets off to a great start. The second thing was… nesto does have something different in the way they’re going to service the brokers and the product offering that they have to offer as well. That made it all the more interesting for us because we really felt that we had a good partner that would actually give something more to our brokers.”

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