Want a new look for your home in the new year? A few small touches can make all the difference. Designers with Living Spaces, a national furniture retail company, suggest three easy (and cheap!) enhancements to upgrade your space. 

1. Swap out accessories.

“For $500, you can change your entire space. All you need is accessories. Swap out throw pillows and add a new lamp to your den, and it will look like you’ve completely remodeled. You won’t take a chance on a blue sofa, but you will take a chance on accessory items like pillows. Swapping out accessories allows you to be bold and fearless but still remain on a leash and keep your renovations under budget.”

– Manuel Munoz, designer at Living Spaces

Sample accessories to try: A Floor Lamp-Oak Tripod paired with Nate + Jeremiah’s Sheepskin Throw Pillows will give your space a whole new look, Munoz says.

Living Room Accessories

Photo courtesy: LivingSpaces

2. Update curtains and blinds, and add in a pop of color for contrast.

“The one item you can replace to have the largest impact on your space would be to swap out your curtains and blinds to a lighter color. 2022 is going to be all about bringing nature into your space. Choose a light, neutral color and incorporate black accents for contrast, and your space will look brand-new. Black accents, such as a chair or lamp, will really help to accentuate an area. Even swapping out for black handles will add a pop of contrast to a space.”

– Channa Alvarez, designer at Living Spaces

3. Change up the lighting.

“I love playing with lighting. This feels like one of the best ways to easily refresh a space to me. One fun way to do this is to add an oversized chandelier. This is a great, affordable refresh to a room or entryway that will be noticed by guests right away.”

– Jessica Harris, Living Spaces manager of production design

Well Lit Living Space

Photo courtesy: LivingSpaces

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