So….you are thinking of putting your house on the market – before you decide to list your house you should be aware of some pertinent factors that will determine how long your house stays on the market and more important, how much you will get for your house. When selling there are two factors over which you have no control – your present location and the state of the market; you do however have control over the condition that your house is in; the asking price and that it is effectively staged. You should also be aware that 87% of savvy buyers shop the internet and or drive by a property before they make an appointment to view. Here are 11 tips to help you get a faster sale:-

1. Curb appeal -The first impression every buyer gets of your house is from the outside, meaning its curb appeal or lack thereof. If the look of your house from the outside is not appealing, most buyers will drive on by. It is therefore imperative to make a good first impression.

2. Clean, Sparkling Clean -Your entire house from the curb to the back yard and everything in-between should sparkle and smell fresh. Do not try to disguise or mask odors by using heavy air fresheners; remember there are many people who have allergies, also strong scents will have buyers wondering why you need to use such a strong deodorizer.

3. Curtains/Drapes – These should be in good repair, no rips, tears or stains, and the style should not date your house.

4. De-clutter- Take stock of your entire house, from the curb to the back yard; pack away all the items that clutter your house. This is a difficult task as you have collected many pieces that you find special and have grown to love. Clutter makes people uncomfortable, so pack away all excess stuff.

5. De Personalize – Buyers are distracted by too many personal items, such as family photos, trophies, awards or wall hangings; these items give a message that you don’t want to give to the buyer – they say – someone lives here – and this makes it difficult for most buyers to feel comfortable in your space, so pack away all your personal items.

6. Dust, Sweep & Vacuum – Every item, shelf, ledge, cupboard and mantel piece, check the corners of your rooms and ceilings for cob-webs. Dust bunnies, pet hair or droppings must be non-existent.

7. Front Doors – Your front door is a part of the curb appeal, so include that with your sprucing, make sure there are no cobwebs and that the mat and letter box are in good condition.

8. Flowers & Flower pots – It is better to have nothing rather than have dried up or dead flowers in a pot. All Shrubs, plants and trees should be pruned and tidy. Dried flowers should be clear of dust and live flowers should be fully alive.

9. Furniture – Should represent or identify the rooms they are in – too much is a bad as too little, you need to have a good balance. All pieces should be in good repair and strategically placed.

10. Garages are for cars – Rent storage space; or use space from your family or friends to keep all the stuff you have boxed. Yes, buyers do want to see the garage space, and it should be as clean, neat and tidy as the remainder of the house.

11. Windows – like the rest of the house should be sparkling clean, giving clear views of the scenery (if the scenery is not of the best, then close the curtain, but be sure that the buyer will want to see though the window). All windows should be in good working condition.

Source by Joanna Parris

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